Victoire Mandonnaud is a French artist born in 1998 based In New York City and currently studying Economics and Anthropoly at Columbia University. 

She works with different mediums, including photography, painting, writing, music and filmmaking. Her work mainly deals with the concept of participation to approach questions such as social norms, constrains and structures. She tries throughout her different practices to bring a light on the limitation assigned to creation- as a way to destroy them.


On a personal level what pushes Victoire to create is interaction and the interactivity towards its surroundings – the reason why she likes to mostly define herself as a photographer, photographer as a state of belonging to its environment. 


She is currently working on the development of a blockchain and web-app project WWR  for wealth redistribution based on her manifesto “Art as the premise for policymaking”. Her economics researches are driven on finding alternative currency and more broadly, alternative system of value: her current focus being the concept of perishable currency. 


Victoire Mandonnaud recently graduated from the International Center of Photography in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism after hopping on and off different disciplines and schools including Jacques Lecoq International School of Theater, Atelier de Sèvres, Paris 8 – Saint Denis.Her photography participated in three group-shows in NYC and her writings were published in the French literary magazines Cabaret and Lichen.


She created the publication The Generator, art as the premise for policymaking in 2019, a journal willing to adventure into policy design through social experiments.


Victoire's first music album, The Very Best Of,  is available on all the main platform since March 26th, 2021. It is released under the stage name of The Victories.

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Academia K=1 Project, Global Youth in a Changing World
Poems publicated in Lichen, Cabaret
Photographs exhibited at the International Center of Photography (06.19), SFA PROJECTS (07.19), the Essential Music & Art Show x SAS x BCD (09.19)
Articles on works The Intersectional 
Available for assignments. 
+1 (646) 906-6561