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Greetings to all. I'm Victoire Mandonnaud, and I'm grateful that you've taken the time to be here on this page. While some of you may know me as the photographer, today I'm here as a candidate for SIPASA President with a vision to make SIPA a place where everyone deeply have at heart each other's passions and effortlessly collaborate to make other’s vision realer. I dream of a SIPA where every voice feels safe, valued, and encouraged to explore possibilities, not limitations. I plan to achieve this by enhancing our entrepreneurial spirit. Knowing each other to construct together. My extensive program is the following:

Mainstream Entrepreneurial Initiatives as Part of each of our SIPA experience 
* Enable hands-on policy creation: Launch an Entrepreneurship Lab and program for all
* Bolster sense of shared project: Mobilize individual skills and resources by the creation of a student skill set database meant to be referred weekly.

* Instigate randomized jury selection meant to provide honest feedback to our entrepreneurs.

* Inspire innovation and agility: Promote a friendly culture through alternatives opportunities for students to know each other and propose morning energy release session 

* Means to connect: Release the costly room rental to allow students to spontaneously engage in dialogue with their peers.

* Structurally incorporate entrepreneurship at SIPA: Make students accountable for their convictions by creating a program allowing students to monitor their advancements. Complement this by weekly lectures sessions to guide continuous progress.

Redirect an Academic Environment to Match the Need to Create Our Future Norms

* Create lasting frameworks for structural innovations by creating an environment for free speech: Creation of a moderator and conversation igniter certificates for students willing to foster the pedagogical environment mentioned throughout this program.

* Incorporate free speech and innovation starting Time 0: Create an orientation module introducing people to their possibility to share ideas that are not necessarily theirs. Create an other on the importance to think by the “commons.” Supplement those by one on the daily life of doing leadership in your community.

* Nurture forward-thinking discourse: Introduce innovative recitations meant to create tomorrow norms, institutional structures, rules and paradigms. Have them either led by professors either by the trained students mentioned above.

* Celebrate diversity as a strength: Connect with the neurosciences department to create a framework of the different learning styles. Create responsive methologies to foster the recognition of difference and the appreciation of one self and others means to represent themselves the world around them.

* Detach ideas from identity for vibrant debate: Consider having professors remind students at the beginning of classes that ideas doesn’t necessarily have to be theirs in order for them to think through it. Create opportunities for students to repair the lack of honesty expressed by politicians by having mock-up “If they could speak.” Foster the strengthening of difference through the process of training for understanding and empathy (Events conducted by certified moderators.)

* Adapting our worths to our goals and time: Rethinking SIPA grading policies to offer clever feedbacks on student’s capacities and forms of engagements.

*Confront students fear of the future by challenging their purposes: Foster an environment that encourages students to take action for what they believe now, and use the tools put for that to happen.

*Assert and Re-Assert that everyone is here to connect, to engage, to create a positive impact: Encourage people to say hi to people they don’t know in the corridors, to tap someone’s shoulders if they look worried, to ask if you could do something for them.

Find Sustainable Financial Means to Operate with equal opportunities

* Support entrepreneurial and innovative projects: Establish a stronger SIPASA Endowment Fund with faculty collaboration. Invite students to bring their network on this project by fostering a sense that their will never be a time better than this one to do what you’ve expected to do.

* Equalize financial access to SIPA events: Create a “support” SIPA Merch collection to invite students to give extra to support their peer abilities to join events throughout the year.

* Structural response to conjectural emergency needs: Create a volunteer database for students willing to offer emergency aid to their peers in need, such as temporary housing or meals.

Broaden learning opportunities and sense of reality with cross cultural, cross universities, and cross barriers get together

* Create mentorships opportunities: As a diverse community, we all live in different cultural microcosms. * Creating month by month pairing between students with different background, we could foster an umpteenth opportunity to better understand and appreciate another’s background. 

* Create partnerships for a richer academic experience and networking opportunities: Further cross schools networking initiatives and launch cross NYC-universities monthly gathering to expend our minds and connect differences beyond the Columbia microcosm.

* Finding those who have yet engaged with the community: Engage students who are absent from SIPA events to understand their reasons and help them find suitable participation channels.

Create a Positive Feed-Back Loop with Our Community by Giving-Back 

* Instill a giving back program to foster social responsibility and bring our academic concerns back to reality: * Launch structural community programs to give back to our local community.

* Spur active community involvement: Introduce SIPA-wide competitions through civic engagement weekly-missions. Recognize people engagements with monthly, term and year prizes and moments of gratitude.

Further Previous Board Work, add Positions to Foster our New Missions Success, Be here for one another, and recognize the ones leading the way

* Address individual student concerns: Be an available hear. Aware of students desire to share concerns with  students sharing the same background, creation of a “support groups” representing the diversities of our school.

* Manage questions and disappointments by having office hours for ideas and complains.

* Encourage more voices in governance: Revamp SIPASA roles by adding board positions. Integrate the “Concentration Reps" to foster innovation at the concentration level and "Geographical Zone Presidents." to practice cooperation on an international order setting. Consider a Sports and Arts representative to accelerate innovative spirit, and a Professor Chairs to gather new forces.

* I will also try to create an affordable cantina at SIPA

* Depending of our students vote, I could look for another building than the once we have.

* Adapt those earlier points not only to our students but also to our faculty and staff. 

* Recognized team buildings initiatives through entrepreneurship with the Aarushi Gupta Prize.

To keep others communities up to date with the work we will be doing, I created The Generator Hub, the platform that will allow us to initiate societal innovations as design a better one. Thank you for everything, and if you haven't yet, please register for my party on Nov. 11.

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